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English classes for poor and disadvantaged children
Khon Kaen       December 11 - December 23, 2017

Volunteer project: The volunteers will work in a school for disadvantaged and poor children in the countryside of Khon Kaen. The school offers education, food and accommodation to children who have no parents, children from poor families and those from very remote areas. Kids from 7 to 18 years of age can come and stay at the school through primary and high school. Teachers at the school provide not only education, but also care and support for the children.

With the help of the volunteers, students will get a chance to learn to speak English. The volunteers will encourage the kids to overcome shyness and get more confident in communicating with foreigners. Learning English is also important for understanding and embracing cultural diversity. With this project, we also hope to bridge the gap in educational opportunities between urban and rural areas.

Volunteers are expected to work as English teachers in the primary and high school. Volunteers are welcome to prepare their own lessons including conversations and games, and share their experience with the students.

Special requirements: Volunteers should love working and playing with children.

Leisure time: Visiting the local community, market, and national parks.

Language: English

Accommodation: Accommodation will be in the school.

Location: Khon Kaen Province

Terminal: Khon Kaen Airport, Khon Kaen Train station, Khon Kaen bus station

Age range: 18 and over

Extra fee: 9,500 Thai Baht (about $270 US)
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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