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Intergenerational cultural exchange
Mwika, Kilimanjaro       December 11 - December 28, 2017

Volunteer project: In today’s society, differences of opinions, tastes, beliefs, social and cultural norms between older and younger generations are obvious. To date, due to the technology and globalization, the gap has become even wider, leading to serious issues like discrimination, destruction of social values and traditional education, losing connection to nature, etc. This project is aiming to explore, understand, challenge and act on the cross-generational issues leading to enhancing peace, solidarity and sustainable development. The project is implemented in cooperation with educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and elders, youth and women groups.

Volunteers will participate in a number of activities in the community including:
- Visiting and exploration of indigenous communities living on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro: Introduction to issues around globalization, environment and tourism and its impact on local economy and cultures;
- Intensive Kiswahili language study, arts and music;
- Homestay and cultural experience;
- Working with senior citizens, orphans and vulnerable children to make them feel valued, included and supported. This can include storytelling, excursions, sports and gathering events, hygiene awareness and cleaning, helping with daily activities.

Study part: Educational tours to various destinations, workshops, debates and other social events involving different generations of the community will be organized with the purpose of learning the differences and building connections. Topics for discussions will include rites of passage, modern and traditional religion and its impact on social and economic aspects of the community.

Special requirements: Volunteers should be comfortable working outdoors, social and interested in working with elders, youth and children, willing to share leadership roles, and having a sense of adventure. Volunteers are expected to be open minded, flexible and able to work with minimal supervision.

Leisure activities: Possibilities include hiking in Kilimanjaro, eco and cultural tourism in Chagga and Masai community, swimming and relaxing at Lake Chala and wildlife safari (Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National parks).

Language: English

Accommodation: Volunteers will share simple rooms at the communal house in the community.

Orientation: On arrival, all volunteers will attend an orientation. The aim is to help the volunteers build a team and also to share with them some practical information about the country, the host community and their volunteer project.

Location: Mwika is a fast growing community on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and along the highway from Moshi town to Tarakea border post between Tanzania and Kenya. The community has various schools, University, open local market and many other facilities. The majority of local people are engaged in coffee and banana farming, dairy farming and business. Mwika is located about 45km from the town center of Moshi.

Terminal: Volunteers will be picked up at Kilimanjaro International Airport or Bus station in Moshi town.

Age range: 18 and over

Extra fee: 270 Euros
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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Christmas camp for children
Vigoa, Temeke       December 17 - December 31, 2017

Volunteer project: For two years now, this project has been organized in cooperation with the local community involving young people and women, faith based groups and local authorities. The focus of the project is to take advantage of the kids' and teenagers' free time to do something useful for their personal development. In partnership with local schools and community members, this project has been designed to offer an opportunity for children and teenagers from all socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicity and religions to spend time together during the school holidays. Through this project we also aim to promote peace and harmony among various groups in the community.

Volunteers are expected to interact with children and teenagers at the age of 6-14 years in the following activities:
- Games: Indoor and outdoor games that will stimulate learning, team building and activeness. Local games will be introduced as well as foreign ones from the volunteers. Please bring new games to share with the kids.
- Physical activities: Action jumping, Olympic Games, etc.
- Gardening: Ornamental and vegetable planting, composting, garden tour, etc.
- Nature activities: Bird watching, Plant a tree, Tree feeder, learning about various plants, birds, animals, worms, and insects available in the area.
- Academic development: Holiday homework, various competitions aiming to motivate children’s academic development and prepare them for the new academic semester.

Study part: Participants will have an opportunity to experience life with kids in the community. Various discussions and educational visits on children’s issues will be organized involving volunteers, community members and schools. The major topic will be Child development.

Special requirements: No special or particular expertise/skills required. However, a potential participant in this project should be open minded and interested in working with children and youth.

Language: English

Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated at the Youth hostel in the community. Depending on the number of volunteers, you might spend time as well in local host families.

Free time: The project is organized in a way that provides an opportunity for participants to utilize their free time by enjoying what the region offers in terms of cultural and natural attractions. The first weekend, the volunteers will have an opportunity to explore Dar es Salaam.

Location: The project will be hosted in Vigoa community. It is located in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, about 25km south of the city center. It has a beautiful landscape and natural attractions where some wild animals (monkeys, rabbits, birds, etc.) can still be seen. It is accessible by public and private transport from the city center. Convenient shops are available and there is signal for cell phones where internet can be accessible as well.

Terminal: Volunteers will be picked up at Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR), bus terminal or railway stations within Dar es Salaam City on or before the starting date.

Age range: 18 and over

Extra fee: 250 Euro
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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